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London EC4Y 9DB
Dx 373 LDE
Tel 0844 561 7135

Churchill House
3 St Aldates Courtyard
38 St Aldates, Oxford
Dx 96453 Oxford 4
Tel 0844 561 7135

Scam Emails


It has come to our attention that a number of bogus emails have been sent to individuals which purport to have originated from Harcourt Chambers
or individuals from Chambers. We do not send unsolicited Emails asking for
money or personal details, these communications are not genuine. They are not from Harcourt Chambers and are part of illegal scams using our name without authorisation. 


Should you receive a communication of this type, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, provide your personal details. We strongly recommend that you simply ignore it, and do not respond to it or communicate further with the person who sent the email/letter to you.


Further details of this sort of scam, and the steps being taken by the UK Authorities to stop it, can be found on following the website