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Louise Potter

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Called: 1993


Louise was educated at Oxford University and called to the Bar in 1993.


She specialises in family finance. 



Louise’s practice has encompassed all aspects of family law, and her specialism now is predominantly in financial cases.

She continues to represent clients in all financial brackets, where her experience is needed to deal with complex circumstances, deploying her extensive experience of all types of financial asset and employment/income models, including where there is an international element. Most of her case-load now involves higher net worth individuals. She is popular and robust, with a good track record of negotiated outcomes as well as fully contested litigation.


Louise will also undertake the private law children aspects of financial remedy cases in which she is instructed. She retains an occasional public law children practice.




‘Noted for her ability to resolve high-value financial disputes, through both litigation and out-of-court negotiation. She also advises on public and private law matters concerning children.’ Chambers UK Bar 2018


 "Louise is very well prepared for hearings. Her cross-examination skills are very good." "She is brilliant with the clients, realistic in terms of their expectations and empathetic but fierce as a negotiator when the chips are down." Chambers UK Bar 2018


‘Reliable without fail.’ Legal 500 UK Bar 2017


‘A standout expert in financial cases.’ Legal 500 UK Bar 2016




  • Dickson v Rennie [2014] EWHC 4306 (Fam)
  • Re A; Coventry City Council v CC and A [2007] EWCA Civ 1383, [2008] 1 FLR 959
  • Re L (Adoption: Contacting Natural Father) [2007] EWHC 1771 (Fam), [2008] 1 FLR 1079 
  • Re H (Child Abduction) (Unmarried Father: Rights of Custody) EWHC 492, [2003] 2 FLR 153
  • Re F (Abduction: Child’s Right to Family Life) [1999] Fam Law 806





Louise has for over 17 years been a contributing editor to Butterworths Family Law Service, covering child support and financial provision for children, issues relating to overseas marriages and divorce, and international aspects of adoption.

In addition, she is a co-author of the Butterworths New Law Guide to the Adoption and Children Act 2002