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Damian Garrido QC led Rob George, acting for the successful appellant father, in the Court of Appeal on a second appeal in the relocation case of Re L (Relocation: Second Appeal) [2017] EWCA Civ 2121.

27 December 2017

This was the first case to go to the Court of Appeal on second appeal from the High Court since the procedure rules changed in 2016 so that first appeals in private law cases are heard in the High Court. The Court of Appeal accepted Damian and Rob's submissions on all grounds, holding that Russell J had been wrong to overturn to the original decision of the Family Court judge. This important judgment relates to relocation, fact-finding when allegations of domestic abuse are made, and the use of shared care arrangements when parents have a poor relationship with each other. The full judgment is available here


An interview with Lexis about this case can be found here.

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