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2 Harcourt Buildings




DX 373 LDE
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Harcourt Chambers, London, is located at 2 Harcourt Buildings on Middle Temple Lane. It is the third entrance on the right, coming from Victoria Embankment. The nearest Undergound is Temple Station.
Metered parking is available in streets around Middle and Inner Temples.


Churchill House
3 St Aldates Courtyard
38 St Aldates




DX 96453 Oxford 4
TEL 01865 791559


Harcourt Chambers, Oxford, is located at Churchill House in St Aldates Courtyard, which is next to the police station in St Aldates and opposite the Combined Court Centre. There is an excellent park and ride bus service operating from Redbridge and stopping outside St Aldates Courtyard (bus journey 4 minutes) and also a car park by the Westgate Shopping Centre (entrance at corner of Oxpens Road and Norfolk Street).


Complaints Procedure


Our aim is to give you a good service at all times. However if you have a complaint you are invited to let us know as soon as possible. It is not necessary to involve solicitors in order to make your complaint but you are free to do so should you wish.

Please note that Chambers will only consider complaints that are raised within six months of the act or omission complained of.


For further information please click here.


Diversity Data December 2015

In accordance with the Guidance on the Bar Standard Board’s Diversity Data Collection Rules, Harcourt Chambers is required to publish summarised anonymised Diversity Data.

Please click here to view the data

Scam Emails

It has been drawn to our attention that the name of Harcourt Chambers is being illegally misused in bogus communications sent to individuals throughout the world. These claim to be from Harcourt Chambers or individuals from Harcourt Chambers.

These communications are not genuine. They are not from Harcourt Chambers, and are part of illegal scams using our name without authorisation. We have reported them to the police when appropriate and are taking steps to try to stop it.


Should you receive a communication of this type, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, provide your personal details. We strongly recommend that you simply ignore it, and do not respond to it or communicate further with the person who sent the email/letter to you.

Further details of this sort of scam, and the steps being taken by the UK Authorities to stop it, can be found on following the website


Warning: Correspondence from “Harcourt LLP”

Email correspondence from “Harcourt LLP” has been sent, in relation to a supposedly unclaimed inheritance.

What is the scam?

The SRA has received a report that a member of the public has received correspondence by email from “Edward White”, who claims to be a partner at “Harcourt LLP”. The correspondence relates to an unclaimed inheritance of an individual with the same surname as the recipient of the correspondence.
The correspondence seen by the SRA carries a stamp claiming that “Harcourt Management LLP” are “Barristers and Solicitors”. The correspondence gives the following email addresses:


It also provides a telephone number of “+ 44 742 403 1888” and a fax number of “+ 44 207 806 8315”.

The correspondence also provides a website address of “” which is operating, and which appears to be very similar to the website of a Barristers Chambers. The website gives the names of Edward White, Douglas Reed, Helen Bishop and James Koln, together with additional email addresses of and


The SRA does not authorise or regulate a firm called “Harcourt LLP”, nor does it authorise or regulate solicitors called Douglas Reed or James Koln.

Any business or transactions conducted through “Harcourt LLP,” or the contact details set out above, are not undertaken by a solicitor's practice or an individual authorised or regulated by the SRA.

Is there a genuine firm or person?

The SRA authorises and regulates several solicitors in the name of Edward White, none of whom are believed to be connected to the email referred to above.

The SRA also authorises and regulates a solicitor called Helen Bishop who has also confirmed that she is not connected to the email referred to above.





2 Harcourt Buildings
Dx 373 LDE
Tel 0207 353 6961


Churchill House
3 St Aldate's Courtyard,
38 St Aldate's, Oxford
Dx 96453 Oxford 4
Tel 01865 791559


0207 353 6961


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