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Dr Claire Fenton-Glynn is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Cambridge, and joined Harcourt Chambers as an Associate Member in 2017. She is a leading expert on international family law, with a particular focus on human rights and the cross-border movement of children. She has written extensively on intercountry adoption, international and domestic surrogacy, and the protection of children’s rights before the ECHR. Her work has been cited by the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, as well as being presented to the European Parliament.


She is an Editor of the European Section of the Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, as well as sitting on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family. She also writes a bi-monthly column in the Family Law Journal, and was shortlisted for Commentator of the Year in the 2016 Jordan’s Family Law Awards.


Claire has also worked with organisations such as United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the European Union, Save the Children, and Avocats Sans Frontieres on issues concerning child protection, human rights, and rule of law.


She is available to act as an academic consultant on all areas of her expertise.




Hon. LLB (1st), University of Adelaide (2008)

BCL (Distinction), University of Oxford (2009)

PhD in Law, University of Cambridge (2013)


Selected Publications:



  • “Children’s Rights in Intercountry Adoption: A European Perspective” (Intersentia, 2014)  - Winner of the Inner Temple Book Prize (New Author) 2015.


Articles and Book Chapters

  • “Outsourcing Ethical Dilemmas: Regulating International Surrogacy Arrangements” (2016) 24(1) Medical Law Review 59
  • “Child Euthanasia: A right too far?” (2016) 46(12) Family Law
  •  “Theory and Practice on Article 8 ECHR in England and Wales” in Andrea Büchler and Helen Keller (eds), Family Forms and Parenthood: Theory and Practice of Article 8 ECHR in Europe (Intersentia, 2016) [with Jens M Scherpe and Kirsty Hughes]
  • “Information on Origins: Right or Obligation?” (2016) 46(8) Family Law
  •  “Cross-Border Public Care and Adoption Proceedings in The European Union” (2016) 38(1) Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law 94[with Ruth Lamont]
  • “Adoption in a European Perspective” in Jens M Scherpe (ed), Research Handbook on European Family Law (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2016)
  • “Opposite Sex Civil Partnerships and the Ambit of Article 8” (2016) 46(4) Family Law
  •  “The Regulation and Recognition of Surrogacy in English Law” (2015) 27(1) Child and Family Law Quarterly 83
  • “Participation and Natural Justice: Children’s Rights and Interests in Hague Abduction Proceedings” (2014) 9(1) Journal of Comparative Law 129
  • “Human Rights and Private International Law: Regulating International Surrogacy” (2014) 10(1) Journal of Private International Law 157
  •  “The Child’s Voice in Adoption Proceedings” (2014) 22(1) International Journal of Children’s Rights 135


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