International Child Abduction

Members of Harcourt Chambers have been involved in all the leading international child abduction cases over the last decade and more. Virtually every Supreme Court and Court of Appeal case of note in this area features at least one, and often several, of our Barristers, who are known for their creative thinking and fearless pursuit of their clients’ interests. We are frequently instructed in complex child abduction matters, both under the Hague Convention and outside it, by leading solicitors in this field. We also often act on behalf of intervenors in appeals where issues of broader public interest arise.


Particularly notable recent cases in this field include:


  • Re GP (A Child) [2017] EWCA Civ 1677 (Nicholas Goodwin QC, Aidan Vine QC and Edward Bennett)
  • Re F (Return Order: Appeal) [2016] EWCA Civ 1263, [2017] 4 WLR 4 (Mehvish Chaudhry)
  • Re: H (A Child) (International Abduction; Asylum and Welfare) [2017] 2 FLR 527
  • C v G [2017] EWHC 762 (Fam) (Edward Bennett and Rob George)
  • In re J (A Child) (Reunite International Child Abduction Centre and others intervening) [2016] AC 1291 (Supreme Court) (Edward Devereux QC and Rob George)
  • Re B [2016] AC 60 (Supreme Court) (Mehvish Chaudhry)
  • Re M (Republic Of Ireland) (Child's Objections) (Joinder Of Children As Parties To Appeal) [2016] Fam 1 (Court of Appeal) (Mehvish Chaudhry)
  • Re D (Children) (Child Abduction: Practice) [2016] 4 WLR 62 (High Court) (Edward Bennett)
  • Ciccone v Ritchie [2016] 4 WLR 60 (High Court) (Edward Devereux QC)
  • E v B (Case C-436/13) [2015] Fam 162, (Court of Justice of the European Union) (Edward Devereux QC)
  • In re LC (Children) (Reunite International Child Abduction Centre Intervening)[2014] 1 AC 1038 (Supreme Court) (Edward Devereux QC)
  • In re K (A Child) (Reunite International Child Abduction Centre Intervening) [2014] 1 AC 1401 (Supreme Court) (Edward Devereux QC and Mehvish Chaudhry)
  • A v A and another (Children: Habitual Residence) (Reunite International Child Abduction Centre and others intervening) [2014] 1 AC 1 (Supreme Court) (Edward Devereux QC and David Marusza)
  • In re L (A Child) (Custody: Habitual Residence) (Reunite International Child Abduction Centre Intervening) [2014] AC 1017 (Supreme Court) (Edward Devereux QC)
  • In re E (Children) (Abduction: Custody Appeal) [2012] 1 AC 144 (Supreme Court) (Edward Devereux QC)
  • In re S (A Child) (Abduction: Rights of Custody) [2012] 2 AC 257 (Supreme Court) (Edward Devereux QC
  • X v Latvia (no. 27853/09), 10 October 2012 (European Court of Human Rights) (Edward Devereux QC)




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