The cost of instructing a barrister will depend on a number of different factors, including the complexity of the case, the seniority of the barrister you have chosen to instruct, the volume of paperwork involved, timescales, the history of the matter and the other sides approach, the amount of work involved in preparation for the hearing, and the estimated duration of the hearing.

We will always be transparent and upfront about costs. Once we have seen all the relevant papers and have reached a full understanding of the nature of your case and the service you require, we will set out in writing the proposed charges. We will give you a clear written quote specifying the work the barrister will do before undertaking the work. All fees are subject to VAT and are payable in advance. If following the initial work further legal assistance is required, the work and the fee will be agreed with you in advance and confirmed in writing.

Depending on the type of work required, the fee will be either a fixed fee for specific work which we will agree in advance or an agreed hourly rate for the time spent undertaking work for you with an estimate of the likely time. We usually adopt the following fee structure:

  • Written & Advisory Work: Fees for written and advisory work will be charged at an hourly rate and within certain bands according to your barrister’s years of experience. Currently our junior barristers charge between £150 to £300 per hour, and the most senior members charge between £350 to £600 depending on the circumstances of the case.
  • Court Hearings: A barrister’s fee for attending court hearings will be agreed with you in advance. The fee will be fixed per hearing day so you can be sure about how much you will be charged, regardless of how long you are at court on that day. We will usually agree a fee with you to cover the preparation and time in court.

If your matter is in relation to finances on divorce and your joint assets are less than £300,000, click here for further information.


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