Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution is a growing field. It is more practical and flexible than litigation and can offer those for whom it is suitable a quicker, less expensive and more bespoke form of dispute resolution.

Harcourt Chambers can offer:



Harcourt Chambers has arbitrators trained in financial and children cases. Many of our arbitrators are QCs, Deputy High Court Judges and Recorders. Arbitrators can resolve  disputes outside the court process provided both parties agree to submit to the process. We offer interim and final hearings listed for the convenience of the parties.



Harcourt Chambers offers lawyer mediation.

Our mediator barristers have completed specialist family mediation training and can offer all options from sessional two handed mediation to formalised single-mediator shuttle mediations occurring over a single day. The priority is always to produce imaginative, fully documented and client-centred solutions to disputes that may have become intractable, or where litigation is proving an inflexible and overly expensive route to settlement. The service is available for TLATA and inheritance claims also Mediators are trained lawyers but also trained mediators.


Private FDRs.

Harcourt Chambers offers private FDRs. Harcourt Chambers has several QCs, Deputy High Court Judge and Recorders and other experienced barristers who are able to offer a private FDR service. Hearings can be arranged promptly and listed at the  convenience of the parties. A well-prepared tribunal will be available to the parties throughout the day and on as many occasions as may assist them to resolve the case.


Early Neutral Evaluation.

Early Neutral Evaluation gives clients, whether individually or in conjunction with the other party to the case, opportunity to get an independent expert opinion on the case at an early stage. By having an experienced barrister evaluate the case at an early stage, clients can gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their position to allow them to make informed decisions about how to proceed. Harcourt barristers provide this service in all areas of Family Law practice, with specialists available for financial remedy proceedings, international children matters and private law children disputes. ENE reports can be produced by a single barrister, or by having two barristers look independently at a case and produce a joint report



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